Who Are We ?

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Artivino is a company that imports and sells online wine and Piscos from South America and Latin countries, starting with Chile "a wine paradise". Thanks to its diversity of climats and soils,

it gives origin to wines with a unique personality.   


Of Chilean origin, I am a wine-grower with a diploma (in 2007) at the INACAP of La Serena,

which is located in a region producing wines and Piscos in Chile.


Working in Switzerland for several years in the wine field, I’ve deepened my knowledge at

the Changins wine school in Nyon, Switzerland.

Passionate about art since my childhood, I had studied art at the University of La Serena in

Chile including various techniques of painting and graphic design. This passion for Art and

Wine, led me to create my own 100% wine-based paints.

Through this site, I would like to make my clients travel according to their  expectations by offering specialties in Piscos wines, tastings, events and paintings.

Come discover the art of wine ...... because wine is an art!